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former president bill clinton held an event on the las vegas strip this afternoon... he was joined by libertarian and green party candidates -- including former new mexico governor gary johnson -- and green party candidate jill stein... clinton spoke on behalf of his wife inside "the colosseum" at caesars palace saying the u-s is a better place than it used to be... "as a nation we clearly are less racist, sexist, homophobic, than we used to be. not withstanding someone fortunate in this campaign, most americans are not bigoted against other people because of their religion." "a wasted vote is voting for somebody you don't believe in. that's a wasted vote. vote for the person you believe in, that's how you bring about change and you know i hope after having made my pitch today that you'll realize that if you wanna waste your vote on clinton or trump i mean have at it." the presidential forum was
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asian american journalists association -- along with the asian and pacific islander american vote group. tonight right here on fox5 you watched the arizona cardinals take on the oakland raiders... but the push to lure the raiders to las vegas is still, well... pushing. tonight we talked to fans hoping to see them become the home team. (0812 raiders bar fans raw) 190207the cardinals take on the oakland raiders 24 loving football, love it, love it silk galloway is a raider fan. 10 die hard he joined others in the raider nation at shifty's bar to watch the game. 194946 it's intercepted, nate allen with the pick 34 we just got an interception right now, doing it big. raider nation, silver and black 201516 mickens across the 40 yard line the players are focused on preseason, but fans are thinking about a possible move. 49 i would love it, the raiders need a place like this. we sell out ever game, raiders need to be in a place like las vegas, and
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football team 303 personally i want them to stay in the bay area, that's where they belong. oakland raiders. team owner mark davis confirmed the team president was in reno this week scouting possible training camp sites if the silver and black move to the silver state. 194633 in the endzone for a touchdown fox5 checked on the short list of locations for a 65 thousand seat domed stadium here in las vegas. the bali hai golf course is a contender, so is a spot on russell road, tropicana west of the 15, and sites on or near u-n-l-v. 109 there's a lot of raider fans out here, this is aplace for raider fans to come to, raider fans love to do it big,and vegas is a place to do it big city and state leaders are still trying to figure out how to pay for the publicly funded portion of the roughly two billion dollar stadium. 201659 a big hole, makes the defender miss, that was a sweet move by washington 135 i'll always be a raider fan (((endpkg))) the committee overseeing the stadium project is
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again later this month. while we wait on the raider deal... we do have a las vegas hockey team. and we're getting a better idea what they'll be called. three names have emerged... see what they are... and why some fans aren't happy about them. a local little league team has a name they want to be called... champions... the boys from mountain ridge are one step closer to making that happen. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching
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live from las vegas. you're watching fox5 news at 10, with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. and then there were three... or so we have heard... when it comes to the name of our new n-h-l team- there are potentially three names in the running... the desert hawks, the red hawks and the nighthawks. so we asked fans what they thought... probably use some type of desert name, the scorpions or something like that i think they should have an edge to the team name, like the scaliwags, scavengers, something to identify them, gives an edge to lv area here " again-- none of those names have been confirmed...
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a name will be in place and announced some time next month. until then-- the guessing game will continue. the mountain ridge little league all stars are heading to west region finals! game sound that homerun by number 12 derek cutting .. he hit that through a window in the outfield concession stands! the team will be moving forward in their quest to head to the little league world series... tonight they topped hawaii nine to zero. mountain ridge next plays tomorrow night at six in the regional championship against southern california. the winner of this game goes on to the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. alex rodriguez has officially retired from major league baseball.... and rain didn't get in the way of his final game at yankees stadium. "14-26 ladies and
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yankees stadium ovation for alex rodriguez to honor him for his accomplishments and thank him for alll of the memories he's given us " in his 22 year career--- he was named m- v-p three times... with three thousand 114 hits and 696 homeruns. a-rod was voted to the all star game 14 times. "42 i guess we went out with a bang 47-53 first of all i'm very grateful that joe gave me the opportunity to play third for one out " a-rod will stay on with the yankees... and work as a special adviser and instructor through decemeber 2017. a free light show continues into tonight.... with the perseid meteor shower. the perseid shows up every august---with an average of 100 meteors an hour. but nasa says forecasters are predicting double the normal rate this year ... meaning stargazers could
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"the best time to be out look is from about midnight to about 5 am in this case and that's basically true for any meteor shower. there's about one meteor shower every month but midnight to 5 am is usually the best time. that's when earth is kind of plowing directly into the debris field that the comets left behind." we would love to see your photos-- head over to our fox5 facebook page and post them! now fox5 weather 24/7, tannenbaum two big stories in weather today: the perseid meteor showers - and the return of the heat. first, the shooting stars. while the peak of this year's meteor showerr was last night, there should still be plenty overnight tonight. the best
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get out of town - away from city lights. someplace like near lake mead, or mt charleston, or redrock canyon - and just look up. every year around this time, earth's orbit moves our planet rthrough dust and debris of the "swift-tuttle" comet and as that debris bounces off our atmosphere, it looks like shooting stars. now to the heat. high pressure returning to the desert southwest will send afternoon highs into near
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through the weekend and the first few days of next week. it'll be around 110 sunday and monday. the record high for both days is 111. there will be some potential stormclouds moving into our area wednesday and thursday which will bring high temps down a few degrees and lead to slight chances for showers thursday and friday of next week. closed captioning
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it's field trip
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it's field trip friday! today our travels took us to laughlin for the world's largest river float. nats of air pump blowing up raft "don't over inflate them, they'll pop." these boats are getting ready for the big competition in the morning. the 10-th annual bullhead city river regatta kicks off at 7 a-m. 30,000 people are bullhead city for the fun... it's about an hour and a half drive from las vegas. you can still enter the race or just come out and watch. tickets start at 45 dollars. these kids have some killer dance moves and they're ready to show them off tomorrow night. music kids dancing "we get serious about it starting in june and then it's the entire summer but its a year long process. it's actually like an on-going process. multiple years in
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the world hip hop dance championship is tomorrow night. the kids have described their training as physically... emotionally and mentally draining-- but also worth it. tomorrow's show starts at 6-30-- at the thomas and mack. tickets start are still available. soon... you'll be able to visit some olympians at the mandalay bay. three baby bamboo sharks hatched from eggs at the las vegas natural history museum. their names are fittng-- they are phelps... king... and miller-- aer gold medalists michael phelps... lilly king... and las vegas native and bronze medalist-- cody miller. they'll be apart of the shark reef exhibit as soon as they get a little older. we are sending out an s-o-s--- we need your help to make sure students have what they need to be successful in the classroom. help supply our students-- we are partnering with subaru of las vegas, nv energy and henderson hospital...for our annual supply drive. it runs august 15th through the
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helps-- from backpacks to folders to notebooks and pens. our goal this year is to fill three thousand backpacks for students in need. you can donate now--- by texting s-o-s 2016 to 7-1-7-7-7... standard text messaging rates do apply. one of the subjects of the netflix documentary-- making a murderer-- has his conviction overturned. "53-58 what did steven do then? he told me that i did a good job." what the new ruling means for brendan dassey. be sure to check out our fox5 mobile app... for all of your up to date news and weather. tonight we're talking pedestrian safety... we'll hear from frustrated drivers about jaywalkers... and from those just trying to get out of the crosswalk in time. the rant is coming up. we want to hear from you! you're watching fox5 news at 10.
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a florida woman has been charged with manslaughter and neglect after her six-year-old son kills her newborn daughter. "i can tell you that
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we could've done or should've done." " : "the mistake is with the adult kathleen steele not a six-year-old boy." police say kathleen steele left both of her kids in the car for more than 30 minutes while she was inside of a cell phone store. while she was inside the baby started crying... and the little boy started beating the baby... slamming her on the floor of the car and hitting her on the ceiling. because of his age, he will not be charged. funeral services-- held today for the litt killed while visiting a water park with his family. "music " ten year old caleb schwab.... suffered a fatal neck injury while riding the tallest waterslide in the world at the schlitterbahn waterpark over the weekend. officials have not released specific information on how caleb sustained fatal injuries. today his father said the best way to honor caleb... is to remember the good times.
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to a place where we think of caleb with joy, we don't have sorrow for what we lost and we're committed to getting there together." " schlitterbahn park has re- opened... but, the waterslide will be closed for the remainder of the season. kansas governor sam brownback is calling for the state to review its regulations of amusement rides. for the first time--- we are hearing from former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky... sandusky-- taking the stand today in appeals hearing today. s innocent and never molested boys. the 72-year-old is appealing his conviction from four years ago. he says he was not properly represented by his legal team during the 2012 trial-- and wants the conviction thrown out or be given a new trial. he is currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison. his name... and his story is known across the country-- thanks to the netflix series- making a murderer. now brendan dassey's murder conviction -- is being overturned. "honesty here
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you ok? no matter what you did- we can work throught that okay? " dassey convicted of first degree intentional homicide, second degree sexual assault, and mutilation of a corpse in the death of photographer--te resa halbach. he was sentenced in 2007 to life with no parole for 41 years. dassey was just 17 years old at the time. if prosecutors don't bring him to trial again within 90 days-- he will be released.. "i was it, because when a motion to suppress is appealed, usually the findings of the trial judge, in this case judge fox, is usually upheld unless it's fairly erroneous." " his uncle, steven avery -- the subject of "making a murderer" -- is also serving time for halbach's murder. the department of health and human services is shifting 81-million dollars from one part of the department - to another - to help
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virus. moving that money-- means taking away funds fighting other diseases-- like cancer and diabetes. health secretary sylvia burwell said she's using her authority to move the money. she's moving 34 million from within the national institutes of health and 47- million dollars from the biomedical advanced research and development authority. the funds will keep "zika-related activities" going. without moving other money around, burwell says current funding would run out at the end of this month and keep phase two of the zika vaccine trial from going forward. a stowaway on a vegas bound flight-- caused a little bit of a stir.... as people were trying to figure out how a passenger-- got a monkey on the plane. now we are getting a look surveillance video... of the man going through the t-s-a checkpoint at columbus' john glenn international airport--with his monkey... tsa says the passenger presented the monkey to them and carried it
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detector. but according to frontier airlines--- he failed to tell them about the animal... instead he boarded the plane with the monkey in duffle bag--- mid-flight an attendant noticed the monkey in the man's shirt... when asked for paperwork on the animal-- the passenger refused. it turns out the monkey was a service animal... so the man faces no charges. three pedestrians were killed this week on valley roadways. now some of you are sounding off on a problem that happens all to often. let's start with marilyn i almost hit a jaywalking pedestrian. he saw me coming and still continued to step off the sidewalk while walking his bicycle... pedestrians please note that if it is a "close call" to where i can swerve and crash to save your life... know that i will not risk my life for your incompetent actions. yes, i am saying i will hit you and know that i am not the only driver who thinks this way. we've got
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lighten your illegal tinted windows to see the people on the crosswalk, not put your foot down on the gas. the person even abided by the law and walked his bike across the crosswalk, and you were ignorant enough to speed up and try to hit him through a yellow light. i was trying to save a dog with two broken legs, i tried to flag the woman down to tell her to stop. she was going to hit the dog. she intentionally tried to run me over and the dog over. you know i'm not surprised at the number of pedestrian fatalities. i'm a pedestrian myself. the signals at maryland pkwy, and desert inn, they don't always work when you push the button. you can wait there three or four rounds of signals before you finally get to walk. why don't you just try putting overpasses on boulder highway,
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people are old, it takes a long time to cross that boulder highway. put a couple of overpasses, spend some money, and get moving on it, quick. our hockey team is down to three choices for a name. it's between the vegas desert hawks....and night hawks... clearly there's a theme set in place....that some aren't to happy about. like darlene....she says. there is no way the name of the team should have anything with 'hawk' in it. that name belongs to chicago blackhawks, one of the original six. find an original name for your team. try scorpions or something. i will never support another team named hawks. here's another name suggestion.... i think that the name of the hockey team should be the gamblers. they live in las vegas! and like i said before, you win some, you lose some. finally...a thank you from linda! my daughter saw a homeless man
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strip. hotel security told her to call 311. the operator was so patient and helpful! normally operators don't call back but she did to reassure us that metro was already on scene and animal control was on their way to rescue these kittens. thank you for your golden heart and compassion for animal lovers. god bless. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up... on fox five news at eleven. texting 9-1-1 is valuable in emergencies where you can't talk... and many states already have the system. the efforts being made to have 9-1-1 texting nationwide. an uber driver picks up a passenger just like any other day... but it ends up giving him an opportunity of a lifetime. what a passenger did for him -- after hearing his story about his son. plus... a unique form of art! we'll have a look
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uses vinyl records to make portraits of iconic people. a wisconsin couple is expecting their first baby... after finding out-- the mom-to-be knew she had to come up with a special way to tell her husband. and catching his reaction on camera was a must. so bri dow-- told her husband brandon she won a photoshoot contest. as part of the shoot-- they were asked to write out three words to describe one another on a small chalkboard. on bri's board-- she wrote you're going to be a the photographer snapped the moment brandon found out he was going to be dad. since posting the reveal pictures on facebook... they have been shared more than 50 thousand times. we will see you at
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. a youth facility director -- of a boys and girls club -- arrested for lewdness. how parents were told about what happened... a women went missing... then is found dead in a home. who police have named a suspect... plus... football fans are pumped for the season... and many wonder move to las vegas. we'll have more on the push to get the team to our city. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a youth center director now accused of inproper behavior with three kids... i'm dave hall -- in for john huck. i'm christine maddela. 44-year-old willis brown was director of the southern highlands boys and girls he's facing sex crime charges. fox5's eric hilt talked with parents of kids who go to that


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